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IM Success Radio Internet Marketing Transcripts

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Lynn Terry
Affiliate Marketing

Daiv Russell

Ross Goldberg
Web Traffic

Felicia Slattery
Signature Speech

Carrie Wilkerson
Business Growth

Scott Tousignant
Social Media

Willie Crawford
Affiliate Marketing

Lon Naylor
Online Video

And Many More...

From: Bob The Teacher
RE: Your free access to world-class internet marketing ideas

Dear Business Owner,

If you want to learn real-world internet marketing strategies that work...

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My name is Bob Jenkins, and I'm on a mission to connect you with the leaders of today's internet marketing. The IM Success Radio show features guests who range in age, experience, success, and purpose - but all fit these criteria:

  • They are actively involved in the use of internet marketing in their business

  • They specialize in particular areas of expertise

  • They have real results from their specialty, and most importantly,

  • They know how to teach others how to apply their techniques.

Membership to IM Success Radio is free - simply enter your name and email address in the form below, as well as a password you'll remember to get back into our private members area.

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Learn From Established Gurus
And Up-And-Coming Fireballs

The guest list reads like a Who's Who in Internet marketing - but also a "Who's Next", too. As I not only bring you established big names, but also the up and comers who are breaking through to that next level.

  • Affiliate Marketing Wizard Willie Crawford

  • Video marketing and Camtasia guru Lon Naylor

  • Fitness expert and social media maven Scott Tousignant

  • List building and goal setting master, Carrie Wilkerson, the Barefoot Executive

  • Internet Marketing Money Expert Donna Fox

  • Credibility and Speaking Expert Felicia Slattery

  • Website Traffic Expert Ross Goldberg

  • Twitter Magnetizer Daiv Russell (@DaivRawks)

  • ... and many more to follow.

Previous shows are ready for you to listen to, download, and learn from immediately, so you can take action on what we teach you on each show.

Your business - whether offline or online - can benefit from these specific strategies to help you get and keep more customers without the huge expense of traditional marketing channels.

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Bob Jenkins

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